Guidelines for CCJR listserv

Guidelines for Using the CCJR List Serv

The CCJR listserv provides a vehicle for private conversation among members about subjects of current interest in Christian-Jewish relations. It also is a way to exchange recent articles and publications. Only subscribers can participate. Messages should be e-mailed to .

Please do not forward original messages posted to the list to any non-subscribers without the express permission of the author.

The software that powers the listserv is designed to protect it from spam, phishing, etc. and will reject messages that seem suspicious. To avoid this, please observe the following procedures:

  1. If you would like to send a message to the list, please address it ONLY to the list and NOT to other individuals as well. In other words, should be the ONLY email address in the "To" field.

  2. Do NOT forward to the CCJR listserv messages you may have received from other lists. One listserv cannot generate mail on behalf of another list, whose identifying information is in its header. To send something to the CCJR that you've received from another listserv, copy, paste, and attribute the material you wish to send to the CCJR into an original e-mail of your own and address it to .

  3. Do NOT e-mail messages directly to the CCJR listserv from newspapers or similar websites by clicking on something like "e-mail to a friend." Such sources often have popups and tracking cookies that our software will reject. Again, copy, paste, and attribute or simply paste a link to the source into an original e-mail.

Also, subscribers are requested to be mindful of not overburdening people's inboxes with unnecessary replies that ought to be directed only to the original sender and not the entire list.

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