Jewish Documents & Statements
This page lists various types of documents from Jewish writers and speakers, either as individuals, groups, or representatives of organizations or movements.
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# Article Title Date Author
1 Has Europe Lost Its Soul? December-2011 Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
2 CJCUC Statement on a Jewish Understanding of Christians and Christianity May-2011 Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation
3 The Jewish-Christian Relationship and the Middle East October-2010 David Rosen
4 Greetings to Pope Benedict XVI at U.K. Interfaith Meeting September-2010 Jonathan Sacks
5 Affirming the Image of God September-2010 Scholars of the Jewish Theology Project of the Elijah Interfaith Institute
6 Greetings to Pope Benedict XVI at the Great Synagogue of Rome January-2010 Riccardo di Segni, Chief Rabbi of Rome
7 Address during Papal Visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome January-2010 Riccardo Pacifici, President, Jewish Community of Rome
8 Statement of the Jewish Members of the Discussion Group "Jews and Christians" June-2009 Jewish Members of the "Jews and Christians" Discussion Group of the Central Committee of German Catholics
9 Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity September-2000 National Jewish Scholars Project
10 Address to Pope John Paul II at the Western Wall March-2000 Michael Melchior, Minister for Israeli Society & Jewish Communities
11 Address during Papal Visit to Yad Vashem March-2000 Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel
12 News Release in Answer to Pope John Paul II's Universal Prayer and Other Roman Catholic Statements March-2000 Rabbinic Committee for Interreligious Dialogue
13 Recognizing Bonds between the Jewish and Catholic Communities March-2000 CCAR and the Rabbinical Assembly
14 Response to the Vatican Document "We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah" March-1998 International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations
15 Christianity in Jewish Theology May-1973 French Jewish ad hoc committee
16 Notes about a crucial meeting with John XXIII June-1960 Jules Isaac
17 The Rectification Necessary in Christian Teaching: Eighteen Points April-1948 Jules Isaac