Jewish Documents & Statements

Title Date Author
The Rectification Necessary in Christian Teaching: Eighteen Points April, 1948 Written by Jules Isaac
Notes about a crucial meeting with John XXIII June, 1960 Written by Jules Isaac
A Proposed Declaration: “The Synagogue and the Christian People” December, 1967 Written by Samuel Sandmel
Christianity in Jewish Theology May, 1973 Written by French Jewish ad hoc committee
Response to the Vatican Document "We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah" March, 1998 Written by International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations
Recognizing Bonds between the Jewish and Catholic Communities March, 2000 Written by CCAR and the Rabbinical Assembly
News Release in Answer to Pope John Paul II's Universal Prayer and Other Roman Catholic Statements March, 2000 Written by Rabbinic Committee for Interreligious Dialogue
Address during Papal Visit to Yad Vashem March, 2000 Written by Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel
Address to Pope John Paul II at the Western Wall March, 2000 Written by Michael Melchior, Minister for Israeli Society & Jewish Communities
Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity September, 2000 Written by National Jewish Scholars Project
Statement of the Jewish Members of the Discussion Group "Jews and Christians" June, 2009 Written by Jewish Members of the "Jews and Christians" Discussion Group of the Central Committee of German Catholics
Greetings to Pope Benedict XVI at the Great Synagogue of Rome January, 2010 Written by Riccardo di Segni, Chief Rabbi of Rome
Address during Papal Visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome January, 2010 Written by Riccardo Pacifici, President, Jewish Community of Rome
Affirming the Image of God September, 2010 Written by Scholars of the Jewish Theology Project of the Elijah Interfaith Institute
Greetings to Pope Benedict XVI at U.K. Interfaith Meeting September, 2010 Written by Jonathan Sacks
The Jewish-Christian Relationship and the Middle East October, 2010 Written by David Rosen
CJCUC Statement on a Jewish Understanding of Christians and Christianity May, 2011 Written by Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation
Has Europe Lost Its Soul? December, 2011 Written by Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks