Pope John Paul II
John Paul IIThe long papacy of Karol Wojtyla (1978-2005) was extremely significant for the building of positive relations between Jews and Christians. His friendships with Jews beginning from his boyhood in Poland produced a deeply personal commitment to promoting Christian-Jewish reconciliation, as can be seen from the large number of relevant texts listed below.
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1 Address to Representatives of Jewish Organizations March-12-1979
2 Homily at Auschwitz June-07-1979
3 Prayer for the Middle East October-05-1980
4 Address to Representatives of the West German Jewish Community November-17-1980
5 Address to Episcopal Conference Delegates and Consultors of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews March-06-1982
6 Addresses to Portuguese Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Leaders May-14-1982
7 Address on the Fortieth Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising April-25-1983
8 Address to the Anti-Defamation League March-22-1984
9 On Jerusalem and the Middle East (Apostolic Letter Redemptionis Anno) April-20-1984
10 Address to the International Council of Christians and Jews Executive Committee July-06-1984
11 Address to the American Jewish Committee February-15-1985
12 Address at the Great Synagogue of Rome April-13-1986
13 Address to the Australian Jewish Community November-26-1986
14 Address to Members of the Jewish Central Council of Cologne May-01-1987
15 Address to Jewish Leaders in Warsaw June-14-1987
16 Address to American Jewish Leaders September-11-1987
17 Address to the Viennese Jewish Community June-24-1988
18 Address to Jewish Leaders in Strasbourg October-09-1988
19 Apostolic Letter on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Beginning of the Second World War (sections 5 & 6) August-27-1989
20 Jasna Gora Meditation September-26-1990
21 Address to the New Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Holy See (excerpts) November-08-1990
22 Address to the International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee December-06-1990
23 On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising April-06-1993
24 Apostolic Letter: As the Third Millennium Approaches, Tertio Millennio Adveniente (parts III & IV) November-10-1994
25 "Angelus" Remarks on the Liberation of Auschwitz January-29-1995
26 Address to the Central Council of Jews in Germany June-23-1996
27 Address to the Pontifical Biblical Commission April-11-1997
28 Address to Participants in the Vatican Symposium on "The Roots of Anti-Judaism in the Christian Milieu" October-31-1997
29 Letter concerning "We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah" March-12-1998
30 Meditation on the First Station of the Cross April-10-1998
31 Homily for the Canonization of Edith Stein October-11-1998
32 Prayer for the Jewish Nation December-01-1998
33 General Audience: Dialogue is Part of the Church's Saving Mission April-21-1999
34 General Audience: The Dialogue with Jews April-28-1999
35 General Audience: The Dialogue with Muslims May-05-1999
36 General Audience: The Dialogue with the Great World Religions May-19-1999
37 General Audience: Humanity's Journey to the Father May-26-1999
38 Letter concerning Pilgrimage to Places Linked to the History of Salvation June-29-1999
39 Address at the Jubilee 2000 Interreligious Assembly October-28-1999
40 Address to the Members, Consultors, and Staff of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  January-28-2000
41 Homily at Mount Sinai February-26-2000
42 Day of Pardon Mass: Homily and Intercessions March-12-2000
43 Address in Bethlehem March-22-2000
44 Address at the Hall of Remembrance, Yad Vashem March-23-2000
45 Address at the Jerusalem Interreligious Meeting March-23-2000
46 Homily on the Mount of the Beatitudes March-24-2000
47 Prayer at the Western Wall March-26-2000
48 Address to the New Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Holy See September-07-2000
49 Address to the New Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Holy See September-18-2000
50 Message to the Interreligious Conference in Lisbon September-21-2000
51 Comments on Dominus Iesus October-01-2000
52 General Audience: God the Father Offers Salvation to All Nations November-29-2000
53 Address to Representatives of the All-Ukranian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations  June-24-2001
54 Address to the Representatives of the World of Culture September-24-2001
55 Message on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Liberation of the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau January-15-2005