Ecumenical Christian Documents & Statements

Title Date Author
The Schwalbach Theses: Proposals for Christian Religious Teaching May, 1950 German Coordinating Council of Societies for Christian-Jewish Cooperation
A Statement to Our Fellow Christians November, 1973 Study Gorup on Christian-Jewish Relations
Resolution on Antisemitism and the Jewish Situation February, 1946 Provisional Committee, World Council of Churches in Process of Formation
The Christian Approach to the Jews September, 1948 First Assembly of the World Council of Churches
Resolution on Anti-Semitism November, 1961 Third Assembly of the World Council of Churches
Resolutions of World Council of Churches Assembly November, 1975 Fifth Assembly of the World Council of Churches
Authentic Christian Witness June, 1977 World Council of Churches, Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People
Christian-Jewish Dialogue Beyond Canberra '91 August, 1992 World Council of Churches, Central Committee
Statement of the Hungarian Roman Catholic Bishops and the Ecumenical Council of the Hungarian Churches December, 1994 The Catholic Bishops and the Ecumenical Council of Hungarian Churches
The Significance of Jerusalem for Christians November, 1994 Patriarchs and Heads of Christian Communities in Jerusalem
Status of Jerusalem September, 2006 Christian Patriarchates of the Holy Land
Joint declaration by Christian Leaders on Israel’s 60th Anniversary May, 2008 Various Christian Leaders
Statement on Jewish-Christian Dialogue June, 1996 New York Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic Bishops
An Ecumenical Response to "Dabru Emet" February, 2001 Interfaith Relations Commission of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA
Dialogue: a Contemporary Alternative to Proselytization February, 1982 Texas Conference of Churches
Interfaith Relations and the Churches November, 1999 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.
The Church and the Jewish People August, 1967 World Council of Churches, Faith and Order Commission
Ecumenical Considerations on Jewish-Christian Dialogue July, 1982 World Council of Churches, Executive Committee
A Sacred Obligation: Rethinking Christian Faith in Relation to Judaism and the Jewish People September, 2002 Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations
An Address to the Churches (The Ten Points of Seelisberg) August, 1947 International Council of Christians and Jews