Israel-Hamas War: Selected Texts, October 2023-present

Selected Texts on the Israel-Hamas War: Oct 2023 to the present

The outbreak of the Israeli-Hamas War in the wake of the massacre of approximately twelve hundred Israelis and other nationals, and the abduction of over two hundred others, on October 7, 2023 has put great stress on interfaith relations. Over 30,000 people, the vast majority Palestinians, have died in the conflict. A bewildering myriad of texts about the war have been published in the months since October 7th. This section of Dialogika assembles selected statements and opinion essays in an effort to at least partially present some of the wide variety of texts and viewpoints that have appeared, especially focusing on those involving interreligious relations. While not meant to be comprehensive, the list attempts to presents many points of view, some of them extreme or hyperbolic. The inclusion of particular items here implies neither agreement nor disagreement with them by the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations or Saint Joseph's University. 
  1. Religious Institutions or Leaders
    1. African Methodist Episcopal Church
    2. Catholic
    3. Churches for Middle East Peace
    4. Ecumenical Christian
    5. Episcopal Church
    6. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    7. Greek Orthodox
    8. Interreligious
    9. Jewish
    10. Lutheran World Federation
    11. National Association of Evangelicals 
    12. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
    13. Southern Baptist Convention
    14. United Methodist Church 
    15. World Council of Churches 


 Religious Institutions or Leaders


African Methodist Episcopal Church




Churches for Middle East Peace


Ecumenical Christian


Episcopal Church


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


Greek Orthodox






Lutheran World Federation


National Association of Evangelicals


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 


Southern Baptist Convention


United Methodist Church


World Council of Churches


Opinion Essays




College Campus Clashes


Interreligious Relations 


News and Analyses


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