Conversations on Christian-Jewish Relations

with Rabbi Abraham Skorka


As a visiting professor at Gratz College in Philadelphia and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.,  Rabbi Abraham Skorka conducted a series of interviews with several leading figures in Christian-Jewish and interreligious relations. The Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations is pleased to make them available here, courtesy of the Jewish Christian Studies Program at Gratz College and the Center for Jewish Civilization and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University. Rabbi Skorka is the emeritus rector of the Seminario Rabbinico Latinamericano Marshall T. Meyer in Buenos Aires and co-author with Pope Francis of On Heaven and Earth, a book of their dialogues. 

To begin the series, Prof. Ruth Sandberg of Gratz College interviewed Rabbi Skorka over three sessions about his work in interreligious dialogue. 

Sandberg and Skorka Interview 1          Interview 2          Interview 3