DIALOGIKA (dee'-uh-LOH-jee-kuh), "items of dialogue"

DIALOGIKA is an online library that chronicles the evolving conversation and relationship between the Christian and Jewish communities. Maintained through the collaboration of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (CCJR) and the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations of Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, it provides a comprehensive cyber-archive of official statements, historic documents, educational resources, and current information. 

DIALOGIKA is currently edited and managed by Philip A. Cunningham, Director of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations of Saint Joseph's University. Unless otherwise specified, editorial opinions and selections are the webmaster's and do not necessarily represent the views of the CCJR or Saint Joseph's University.
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Documents and Statements

Documents and Statements

The following are documents and statements concerning relations between Jews and Christians that have been issued in recent decades by various ecclesiastical, synagogal, civic, and interreligious bodies.

Themes in Today's Dialogue

Themes in Today's Dialogue

This section of Dialogika provides primary and secondary documentation of current or ongoing themes, subjects, and issues in the contemporary Christian and Jewish relationship.

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Educational/Liturgical Aids

This section provides educational materials, influential or notable scholarly articles, and resources concerning liturgical observances and practices. 

History of Relations

Primary Texts on History of Relations

This collection is made available to provide educators, researchers, and students with easy access to pertinent primary texts from the history of Jewish-Christian relations.