Statements on Antisemitic Violence: 2019-2020

Statement of the Archbishop of New York on Last Night’s Attack at the Home of a Jewish Family in Monsey, NY

[From the website of Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of New York]


The news of last night's attack at the home of a Jewish family in Monsey, New York, is the latest in a series of sickening acts of violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters.  Such acts must be condemned completely and without reservation as totally contrary to everything that people of faith stand for.  

An attack on any individual or group because of his or her religious beliefs is an attack on us all.  This hatred has no place in our city, state, or nation, or anywhere else on our planet.  

At my Sunday Mass this morning, I prayed in a special way in solidarity with the victims of these heinous acts of violence, and urge all people to come together in a spirit of unity to reject such hatred and bigotry wherever it occurs.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan,
Archbishop of New York