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Should Christians Seek to Convert Jews?


In the aftermath of the Shoah and a renewed Christian appreciation of the Jewish people's covenantal life with God, the question has arisen if Christians ought to continue long-standing efforts to try to persuade Jews to accept baptism into the Christian community. In the Catholic community this question has arisen with particular intensity since the August 2002 publication of an American dialogue document called Reflections on Covenant and Mission and the February 2008 promulgation of a revised Tridentine Rite Good Friday prayer for Jews.


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1 Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct June-28-2011 World Council of Churches, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, World Evangelical Alliance
2 Covenant and Witness May-24-2011 Hebraic Heritage Christian Center
3 Church should not pursue conversion of Jews, pope says March-10-2011 John L. Allen, Jr.
4 The Times of the Gentiles March-10-2011 Pope Benedict XVI
5 Jewish outreach: No time to 'stand still' July-20-2010 Adam Miller, Baptist Press News
6 Absp Koch: Tridentine prayer not a call to mission to Jews July-17-2010 Patricia Biel, Le Temps
7 Catholics pray for 'Jews' conversion' April-04-2010 Lisa Palmieri-Billig
8 Should Jews proselytize? Should anyone? March-14-2010 Brad Hirschfield
9 Reflections on the August 2008 "Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today" of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance March-02-2010 Executive Board, International Council of Christians and Jews
10 Letter from IJCIC to Pope Benedict XVI on His Visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome January-25-2010 Internation Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations
11 Reply from Cardinal George to Various Letters October-21-2009 Cardinal Francis George
12 Jewish Interfaith Leaders Respond to Bishops' Letter of Oct. 2 October-13-2009 National Jewish Interfaith Leadership
13 Bishops Clarify Statement on Dialogue with Jewish Community October-06-2009 USCCB Office of Media Relations
14 US Bishops' Reply to Jewish Letter of Concern October-02-2009 Francis Cardinal George, et al.
15 Statement of Principles for Catholic-Jewish Dialogue October-02-2009 Francis Cardinal George, et al.
16 Letter of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion to Several American Bishops September-15-2009 Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
17 Op-Ed: "A Precarious Moment in Catholic-Jewish relations" September-13-2009 ADL: Abraham H. Foxman
18 "A Counter-Revolution in Jewish-Catholic Ties" August-28-2009 J.J. Goldberg
19 "Vatican stays out of Catholic 'mission' conflict" August-25-2009 AP: Matthew Wagner
20 National Jewish Interfaith Leadership Letter on USCCB "Note on Ambiguities" August-18-2009 National Jewish Interfaith Leadership
21 Response to Statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Covenant, Mission, and Dialogue July-08-2009 David Berger and Fabian Schonfeld
22 "Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Examines Note on Covenant and Mission" July-01-2009 USCCB Office of Media Relations
23 NCR: "New Rows Deepen Old Ruts in Catholic-Jewish Relations" June-23-2009 John L. Allen, Jr.
24 ADL Troubled by U.S. Bishops' Statement that Appears to Green Light Missionizing of Jews June-22-2009 Anti-Defamation League
25 "Revised Catholic Statement on Conversion Worries Jews" June-19-2009 RNS: Kevin Eckstrom
26 "USCCB Clarifies Key Points From Reflections On Covenant And Mission Statement (2002)" June-18-2009 USCCB Office of Media Relations
27 "A Note on Ambiguities Contained in 'Reflections on Covenant and Mission'" June-18-2009 Committee on Doctrine and Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, USCCB
28 Statement of the Jewish Members of the Discussion Group "Jews and Christians" June-16-2009 Jewish Members of the "Jews and Christians" Discussion Group of the Central Committee of German Catholics
29 Address to Pope Benedict XVI May-12-2009 Yona Metzger
30 "An Open Message to the Pope" May-11-2009 Shear Yashuv Cohen
31 "The Church's Commitment to Christ and the Christian-Jewish Dialogue" May-05-2009 Chairman of the German Bishops Conference
32 Preface to the 2nd Edition of "No to Mission to the Jews - Yes to Dialogue between Jews and Christians" May-04-2009 Hanspeter Heinz
33 Catholic Church Sticks to its Position on Mission to the Jews April-16-2009 Gernot Facius
34 "The Church's Confession of Christ in the Christian-Jewish dialogue" April-14-2009 Gerhard Ludwig Mueller
35 "No to Mission to the Jews — Yes to Dialogue Between Jews and Christians" March-09-2009 Discussion Group "Jews and Christians," Central Committee of German Catholics
36 "The Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today" August-22-2008 Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance
37 Letter from the Secretary of State of the Holy See to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel May-14-2008 Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone
38 "Striving for Mutual Respect in Modes of Prayer" April-16-2008 Walter Cardinal Kasper
39 Communiqué from the Secretariat of State on the Tridentine Good Friday Prayer April-04-2008 Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone
40 "Judaism's Way to Salvation" March-29-2008 Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
41 The Gospel and the Jewish People - An Evangelical Statement March-28-2008 World Evangelical Alliance
42 "Reflections on Covenant and Mission" July-01-2005 Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy
43 "The Relationship of the Old and the New Covenant as One of the Central Issues in Jewish-Christian Dialogue" December-06-2004 Walter Cardinal Kasper
44 Joint Statement October-19-2004 Vatican-Israeli Rabbinate Bilateral Commission
45 "To the Editors" Correspondence between Avery Cardinal Dulles and Luke Timothy Johnson February-28-2003 Avery Cardinal Dulles and Luke Timothy Johnson
46 "Christians and Jews: Starting Over—Why the Real Dialogue Has Just Begun" January-31-2003 Luke Timothy Johnson
47 Jewish Week: "Conversion Diversion" November-15-2002 Eric J. Greenberg
48 "The Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews: A Crucial Endeavour of the Catholic Church" November-06-2002 Walter Kasper
49 "Covenant and Mission" October-21-2002 Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.
50 "Theology's 'Sacred Obligation': A Reply to Cardinal Dulles" October-21-2002 Mary C. Boys, Philip A. Cunningham, and John T. Pawlikowski
51 "All Israel Will Be Saved" October-06-2002 Francis Martin
52 Thoughts on Jews and Judaism (interview excerpts) October-06-2002 Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
53 Reflections on Covenant and Mission August-12-2002 BCEIA-NCS Consultation
54 Statement on Jewish-Christian Dialogue June-25-1996 New York Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic Bishops
55 Resolution on Jewish Evangelism June-12-1996 Southern Baptist Convention
56 "Study Outline on the Mission and Witness of the Church" March-28-1977 Tommaso Federici