Dialogue Group "Jews and Christians," Zentralkomitee der deutschen Katholiken, Germany

thumb_dialogue_groupThe importance of this discussion group is due to several factors. First, the representativeness of the ZdK which groups Catholic lay organizations totaling 5 million members! Second, the level of expertise of the group members, both Catholic and Jewish, more than two dozen together, who are all academicians. The third reason: the group has not only discussed issues but also has influenced larger public. Among other things, it has produced several highest quality theological publications widely read in Germany. The include 1979 paper entitled "Important Theological Issues in Jewish-Christian Dialogue", and a four-volume handbook for Catholic teachers "The Learning Process of Jews and Christians" (Lernprozess Christen Juden). To quote one thesis of Rev. Heinz concerning the divisive issue of Messianic status of Jesus, "it is not a question of knowledge versus ignorance here, but of one faith versus another."

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